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What is yllix Ad Network

yllix is a ad network platform same as Google Ad Sense or Propeller Ads. This is an international ad network based on Panama. The revenue models used in this ad network are CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). It is a good alternative to PropellerAds and AdSense ad […]

The Best PC Games of 2018

PC Games and Mobile Games are the most used software application in the computer world. Considering the past 10 years, computer games and mobile games gained huge development. Computer games now reached to the VR (Virtual Reality) level but the conventional computer games have its popularity throughout 2018. Among the thousands of published games in […]

What is TeamViewer – Pros and Cons

TeamViewer is a software application, which allows a computer or mobile to share its desktop, file transfer and remote diagnosing. It is the world best brand for remote connectivity solutions. We are going to discuss more on features, difference of paid and free version, advantages and disadvantages in this article. Overview TeamViewer was founded in […]

Top 5 Web Hosting Services 2018

Web hosting is a service which allows individuals or companies to host their website on world wide web. There are thousands of web hosting companies worldwide. Each web hosting service has it’s unique features. We’ve shortlisted the best of the best, and sorted them into use-cases. 1. Hostgator HostGator has been around for over a […]

What is Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all grown up watching those films with a robotic voice assistant to the lead role, who is able to independently think (artificial intelligence) and act on its own, a robot with the ability to think and understand and respond as a human would. It may have seemed like a movie gimmick a decade ago, […]

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